Releasing DeFiPack Teasers from $BOOKS — DefiPedia

Oct 25, 2020


Dear Defi Scholars,

$BOOKS has 3 weeks left until the auction ends, and its development is progressing nicely! In popular demand, we’re sharing some sneak peeks from the DeFi Pack.

Before that, though, quick update:

We are opening up the $BOOKS telegram group to everyone until auction ends. After the auction ends, the group will be restricted to $BOOKS holders only.

For those who’re new to DefiPedia, $BOOKS is how we are crowdfunding our Dapp, DeFiPedia, and creating a Wikipedia for the web3 space. To learn more, read our debut medium article.

Finally, here’s our render of the physical $BOOKS when it launches:

This image is a render, not a real physical copy.

To get yourself a copy, you can participate in the dutch auction.

We’ve been working on DefiPedia’s V1 for a few months now. For the first time, we’d like to share with you a sneak peak of the designs for V1.

We’re building a product for you, so we’d like to hear your thoughts. Become a DefiScholar by joining us on telegram where we’ll be releasing more sneak peaks and gems.