$BOOKS Relaunch

2 min readJan 9, 2021

Dear DeFiScholars,

Some of you may have followed us through our journey when we first announced $BOOKS in this medium article. We launched $BOOKS so you could help us fund the production of our dApp without VC investment. We raised over $25k in funding, but not enough to meet the minimum threshold for the dutch auction. We’ve listened to your feedback about the dutch auction and have explored ideas on how to launch $BOOKS in a simple and accessible way so everyone can participate.

Today, we’re very excited to reveal we’re relaunching $BOOKS.

The relaunch is live at defipedia.exchange where you can now make a purchase.

For those unfamiliar, $BOOKS is an ERC-20 token that gives the holder the right to claim one physical book of ‘A Snap in Time’; DefiPedia’s tribute to everything that has happened in the DeFi and Ethereum space in 2020.


Tokens at sale will start at 0.5 ETH per $BOOKS. The price increases with every purchase (instead of per book). The curve can be described as exponential, with the last half being more drastic. You will only be able to purchase whole numbers. After all 950 $BOOKS are sold out in the sale, you will only be able to purchase $BOOKS on Uniswap.


  • 1000 Total Supply
  • 950 for sale on defipedia.exchange
  • 50 will remain locked in the Uniswap LP pool

Contrary to the dutch auction, you will instantly receive custody of your $BOOKS and can use them to join us in the Citadel (we call it our Ivory Tower) through this link. As planned, $BOOKS will be redeemable for the physical ‘A Snap in Time’ collectible by Q1 2020. The cost of $BOOKS includes shipping costs to anywhere in the world.

Purchase $BOOKS here: DefiPedia.Exchange

Uniswap Info for Analytics: Here

Smart contract address: 0x117c2aca45d87958ba054cb85af0fd57be00d624

Citadel AKA Ivory Tower

Holding any number of $BOOKS makes you eligible to join the citadel, which you can access through a link once you have purchased your $BOOKS. We will be releasing this link shortly in the DeFiPedia TG channel.


  • To dutch auction participants: please go to defipedia.exchange and withdraw your Eth from the dutch auction.
  • The smart contract address for $BOOKS has remained unchanged.

Are you excited for $BOOKS?

Follow us on Twitter, Telegram, or Discord for the latest updates and launch times. Any questions you may have can be answered in one of the above locations, see you there!